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早安您好! Good Morning, Singapore!

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Left to Right: Youyi, Cherie, Shuyuan

In the segment《城事大家说》, we discussed about health, diet and nutrition of a beauty queen. I’ve uploaded it on YouTube just for you guys! Waking at up 4.30am to prepare to go on set is… quite good ;) Hope there will be more opportunities like this!


Power of Google

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What do you get when you google your own name?

This girl found her father after 30 years… just by googling herself.

WOW! Never underestimate the power of google.


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Friday, November 13, 2009 at 2:31 am

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Singapore Grand Prix 2009

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FORMULA 1™ is under the lights of Singapore and the scrutiny of millions as it embarks on its second night race on 27th September 2009.

Singapore Grand Prix 2009

Nothing was happening on the road yet but we were all clearly excited. We sat on our little plastic seats eating soon kueh, hoping no one would catch us with our smuggled food. Somehow after a few minutes, we did not care. We were at the FORMULA 1™ night race. I was extremely excited about going to my first FORMULA 1™ race. I kept smiling from the moment I woke up on race day, all the way till I took my seat at Stamford Grandstand. This is the coolest spot I would say. I get to enjoy views of the cars negotiating more than one turn. Last year, this was the spot which produced one of the best overtaking opportunities. I hope to see one! Or maybe an accident! I want to see some action! Preferably cars colliding into one another, skid across the roads while at the bend and BOOMZ! *chuckles*

As soon as the cars rocketed off the line near the bend, a cloud of dust flew into the air and made visibility and traction hard to come by. The smell of burnt rubber, the exhilarating sound of the engines and the tiny blobs of grease all over my limbs. WOW! It was indeed an experience. I could literally feel the cars zooming pass on my bare eyeballs!

Lewis Hamilton won Formula 1’s second night race with a commanding performance from pole position in the Singapore Grand Prix. Timo Glock and Fernando Alonso completed the podium with brilliant drives for their struggling teams, after pitlane penalties destroyed Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel’s chances of winning. Sigh, Nico I think it’s the Feulletine-Hazelnut mooncakes.


Nevertheless, Thank You Adel. It was THE BEST spot. I will be back next year – If and only IF there’s another special arrangement :*) I hope to mingle with the drivers! Till next year!

I’m lazy to upload my photos. Google them! It’s everywhere on the web :) For more information, visit the official website at www.singaporegp.sg



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RapeLayA Japanese software industry body has decided to ban computer games in which players simulate sexual violence against females.

The industry move came after a Japanese computer game maker attracted furious protests from US rights campaigners against the game “RapeLay”, which lets players simulate stalking and raping young girls.

In the game players earn points for acts of sexual violence, including following girls on commuter trains, raping virgins and their mothers, and then forcing them to have abortions.

What the hell?! 


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Sunday, June 7, 2009 at 12:00 am

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