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Winning isn’t everything, the effort to win is.

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This is a very delayed post. However, I need to thank each and everyone who made this possible and I am very grateful to those who gave me that extra push to where I am today. I participated in 2 back-to-back pageants over a period of 5 months – Miss Singapore International, followed by Miss Singapore World. I’ll blog about Miss Singapore World on a later date. This post is dedicated to you guys who made a difference in my journey for Miss Singapore International 2011 :)

I believe that to be able to represent Miss Singapore International, each and every contestant must have compassion and that encompasses having a heart of gold coupled with a burning desire to serve society. The Queen will serve as Goodwill Ambassadors of Beauty showing tenderness, benevolence, friendship, understanding, beauty and intelligence coupled with the ability to take action and have great international sensibility. The theme of Miss Singapore International is “Beauty with a Purpose”. Do you have what it takes to be crowned? I’m very proud of my dearest friend, Stella, Miss Singapore International 2011, who recently got back from China representing Singapore. As for me? I’m really honored to be crowned Miss Singapore International 2011 2nd Runner-up and the prestigious Miss Body Beautiful title.

The finals of Miss Singapore International 2011, organized by Singapore Women’s Association, was held on 2nd July 2011 (Saturday) at Raffles Town Club. I was so excited for this day that I couldn’t sleep the night before! Also, there’s a special person I would like to thank, Genecia Luo, Miss Singapore International 2006, who took me under her wing. Not only was she running a high fever that night, she came by Raffles Town Club at 3am in the morning to see me practice. Most importantly, she believed in me and affirmed my mindset which helped to unleash my innate potential and charisma, boosting my stage presence.

I have always wanted to be a Beauty Queen, for just one reason – To be able to use my status as a platform to influence and affect the masses for my cause, representing Singapore, being a role model. There are many people in this world each with different lives to lead, however many of them do not have the luck to live one full of joy and with the best of health. I find that there is a place for them in my heart and I feel that I can do more to make a positive impact on their lives. Winning isn’t everything, the effort to win is. I know in your hearts, I am already a winner that night and I believe it’s 99% hard work and 1% luck. Thank you everyone for believing in me and supporting me throughout this journey. You know who you are :)

Winning this title opened many doors for me. Besides being recognized when I’m out, I get called up for interviews and special guest appearances on various media platforms ranging from online journalism to newspapers to magazines to television to radio. One of the most memorable appearances was on 早安您好! Good Morning, Singapore! where I had the chance to be on the NEWS to share my fitness regime and diet plan with the audience as a Beauty Queen and Miss Body Beautiful – a title which I’ve worked very hard for. This appearance was made possible by Genecia who was kindly introduced to me by Keith Tan from Aileron Wellness. Keith was the brains behind my body. He whipped me up in shape with a carefully thought fitness regime within a short 5 week frame.

Thank you each and everyone of you, who supported me in a way or another, physically or emotionally. It really warms my heart to see the people I love standing by me, screaming for me. *kisses* After 2 months of bonding, the pageant has come to an end. I miss you girls. Badly. And I definitely miss the times we helped to spam glitter on each other. This journey I embarked on has taught me many new things. We also learned to share and grow together as a team not an individual. Offering a helping hand through times of need, being there for each other and cheering on for one and another. Friendship with the girls is something I really treasure out of this pageant. I love you girls! Meet up soon :)

Lots of Love

Cherie Lee, Contestant No. 8


早安您好! Good Morning, Singapore!

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Left to Right: Youyi, Cherie, Shuyuan

In the segment《城事大家说》, we discussed about health, diet and nutrition of a beauty queen. I’ve uploaded it on YouTube just for you guys! Waking at up 4.30am to prepare to go on set is… quite good ;) Hope there will be more opportunities like this!

Lifestyle Interview by OMY for Singapore Blog Awards 2011 – 入得厨房出得厅堂 美姐博客完美变身

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Thank you OMY.sg for featuring me in their Lifestyle column. This article (attached below) is originally written in Chinese. Do “Like” my video and SUBSCRIBE to my newly created youtube channel! There, I’ll show you tips on how to maintain a beautiful body and of course, the legendary Tofumisu created by yours truly :*)

入得厨房出得厅堂 美姐博客完美变身


25岁的李丽贤 Cherie 不仅是本地美容时尚博客,她的部落格也入围了新加坡部落格大奖的最佳时尚部落格的奖项。今年七月,丽贤更获得”新加坡国际小姐2011″选美比赛的季军荣衔和”完美体态奖 “,成为名副其实的美姐博客。

李丽贤虽然是个爱美的女生,却热爱美食也有一手难得的好厨艺, 也曾参加过电视烹饪节目如:《我要当食神》、《女人俱乐部》,展现手艺和设计菜肴的巧思妙想。



除此之外,热爱烹饪和提倡健康饮食的她也发挥创意,用豆腐代替芝士,来改良女人都爱吃的甜品–提拉米苏。为omy网友,李丽贤也示范如何在五分钟内制作健康的”豆腐”米 苏,快速又简单,多吃也不会致胖!



Training for that Hot Bod, Miss Body Beautiful, Miss Singapore International 2011

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Chérie Wellness Volume 2

Never in my wildest dreams I thought would be possible to be crowned Miss Singapore International 2011 2nd Runner-Up and also, clinch the prestigious subsidiary title every woman dreamed of, Miss Body Beautiful.

After several weeks of training and fervent preparations at Aileron Wellness, a members-exclusive gym, I was well-prepared and in tip-top condition to kickstart Miss Singapore International 2011 held on 2nd of July 2011.

As mentioned in my previous Chérie Wellness series, I have been working out diligently on the Power Plate®. Power Plate® uses breakthrough technology in training and conditioning, ideal for muscle toning and muscle activation. Due to my knee and ankle problems, I’m advised to avoid dynamic movements so as not to aggravate my injuries. Incorporating isometric exercises on the Power Plate® machine helped to strengthen and tone up my muscles around the knee for better support and with higher muscle activation, I achieved longer and leaner muscles.

Photo Credits: StudioBe . Benjamin Huang Photography

Acceleration training on the Power Plate® machine makes the body feel as though it weighs more every time acceleration forces increase, making the workout more efficient and effective. Don’t be fooled by the tiny movements done on the Power Plate®, you will definitely feel the burn during the workout. My friends, Ben, Caren and Chun Wee joined me once at the gym to try out the Power Plate® machine.

Here’s what they said,

“I found that 45 sec longer than a lifetime.”

“The super-acceleration from the machine set at high intensity level made a simple Squat exercise incrementally tough.”

“My thighs were aching after one set, whilst normally I can go through a couple of sets without issue.”

With my full commitment on working out at least 3 times a week at Aileron Wellness, I managed to tone up, achieving a lean bod and inches off my body in less than 6 weeks.

Like what Owner of Aileron Wellness and Master Trainer, Keith Tan said, “The epitome of health and fitness lies in having a healthy lifestyle and making exercises a way of life. It is not an option.” I aim for healthy not skinny. Working out has really improved my confidence level and boosted my self-esteem especially on stage. I’m really satisfied with my transformation and my fitness experience at Aileron Wellness where I’m exposed to different cutting edge fitness tools. I would strongly recommend this members-exclusive gym to those who desire a beautiful body at any age in achieving that enviable physique. Thank you Aileron Wellness and your wonderful team of trainers, Keith, Eddy and Andrew, for making my dream come true, taking flight in fitness and achieving that beautiful body.

Singapore Blog Awards 2011, Adonis Best Beauty Blog – Iridescent Skin that makes you go WOW

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First impression counts and physical appearance acts like a business card. This could also be the reason why there’s a sudden surge lately where many people turn to various beauty treatments and skin rejuvenation methods to achieve healthy skin and a beautiful body. That being said, you have to be mindful of your food, you are what you eat. An unhealthy diet coupled with toxins from the harsh environment, stress and restless nights, can further magnify the effects, making your skin look far from healthy. Thankfully, I was given the opportunity to experience a few amazing products two months ago which helped me attain a glowing complexion akin to a woman in love!

As some might know I’m one of the finalists for this year’s Miss Singapore International. I need to look my best and shine on stage. When I explained my concerns to Adonis, they offered me to try out the Origin Myth. Cheryl, my skin consultant mentioned that I have to make sure my skin has ample water besides a healthy diet so that toxins can be flushed out of the body. Origin Myth is ideal for people with dehydrated skin; acne skin; mature skin including sensitive skin. This treatment helps to enhance the skin’s healing process with its invigorating blast of oxygen, replenishing lost moisture and pumping up collagen levels, making the skin look dewier and supple through the use of Hyaluronic Acid. I believe that beautiful skin is never far from a woman’s top priorities in life as dull complexion could add on years to your appearance and makeup just doesn’t stay. But not to worry, dull complexion can be revived with the correct products, exfoliation and ample hydration!

Unlike most facials where you can expect a myriad of uncomfortable processes – especially the excruciating pain from extractions – Origin Myth is luxuriously soothing! After the usual deep cleansing with an oil-free milk cleanser, a gentle crème exfoliant is applied onto the T-zone to help ‘dissolve’ surface debris. My beautician then used an intensified distilled cold mist spray (unlike the common hot steam most salons use) to help soften the skin in preparation for a Derma Exfoliation – famously known as the Diamond Peel. Diamond Peel is a non-abrasive peel process to ‘polish’ the skin and also, a painless way to remove oil-clogged pores before an Oxy Jet gets down to business, working its way to  infuse my skin with a burst of oxygen. The results were instant! Within seconds of application, my skin plumped up, boosted by an intense infusion of moisture. Next, a yummy Collagen Masque is applied over my entire face to replenish essential nutrients and to aid in hydration before refined oxygen molecules in fine mist form were sprayed gently onto my face for easier penetration, stimulating massage to the surface of the skin. To end off this luxurious experience, my beautician helped relieve the tension in my upper back with an awesome neck and shoulder massage using Chakra oil.

My verdict after a week – this ultimate hydration treatment from Adonis provided a moisture boost that made my skin real smooth and ‘juicy’. Makeup glides on easily and it stayed that way for days! The diamond peel helped in diminishing all the tiny imperfections which are highly visible on camera. According to my friends, my skin appeared brighter, emanating a healthy glow.

This picture was taken today at Singapore Social Media Day 2011 at *SCAPE. How does my skin fare without foundation? :)

If you are looking for a new way to give your skin a makeover, why not try Origin Myth from Adonis to keep your skin looking fresh and youthful with a healthy radiant glow after just one treatment? Thank you for voting ‘Cherie Lee’ for Adonis Best Beauty Blog. Would love if you could vote once each day! :*)

Adonis Beauty Tip: An important first step is to apply a skin primer as a protective barrier to help the skin fight radiation and dust.

For more beauty tips on how to protect and care for your skin, do “Like” Adonis Beauty Facebook Page and also, follow my Adonis Beauty journey.

Singapore Blog Awards 2011, Adonis Best Beauty Blog – Sanctuary of the Body

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*nudity involved, hence the lack of pictures

Sanctuary of the Body – Revitalize Yourself with Chakra Mystry

I was greeted with a warm smile from my therapist, Shu Yi as she gave me Energy Plus, a concoction consisting of chinese medicinal herbs, dried longans and red dates before I was being ushered into a beautifully adorned room with dim yellow lights. There, she placed a towel and some private paraphernalia on the bed before retreating outside to give me some privacy. I shrugged off my little black dress and changed into their items, while I waited for her in bed. With a smile, she set herself to work with soft music playing in the background.

I was about to embark upon a journey traversed for centuries by ancient and modern cultures – the wonders of Chakra Mystry formerly known as 7 Haven Chakra Holistic Therapy, which is a body and facial therapy that incorporates the application and inhalation of the use of seven essential oils. Chakras are energy centers within our body and this therapy claims to promote the benefits of detoxification, circulation enhancement and stimulation of inherent chakra energy for distribution from within, balancing our 5 senses.

Time slowed down as she brought me through a slow yet sensual ritual. Before proceeding to massage a specific chakra spot, she would warm the oil on her hands using a intricate process, and each time she would offer her exquisitely oiled hands to my face, in effect targeting my olfactory senses, letting my body soak in the properties of the oil via inhalation. And throughout, as my senses enjoyed their escapade in a myriad range of pleasant smells, she would explain the effects each oil will have on my body in her sweet lilting voice.

After the exquisite inhalation process, her hands moved to the various chakra points on my body, and with long, soothing strokes, applied the beneficial oils to my skin, even as she smoothed out the knots in my muscles. She started first on my lower limbs, slowly making her way up my body. I closed my eyes and relaxed, letting her hands to do the work. I felt her hands kneading my muscles, targeting various pressure points with the oil. Aromatherapy uses essential oils to improve your mood and soothe your nerves. These oils are distilled scientifically from plants which can help revivify our spirits, relieve stress, spur the energy level and encourage better health, revitalizing our frame of mind. It was a luxurious experience as she utilized her unique prowess at releasing the knots and stresses in my muscles. She invited me to join her in the massage journey. She covered my lower limbs whilst I took my time understanding the nuances of pressure application on the chakra points of my lower abdomen and upper body. Together, our four hands took me through luxurious massage covering the 7 chakra points. It was relaxing beyond belief – a trip to seventh heaven!

After the dedicated one hour, I changed back into my dress again, had a cup of Energy Plus and left feeling thoroughly rejuvenated after the treatment. Beauty is not just about one’s face or body, it is about total wellness from within. Beauty can be nurtured and Adonis is the Key. I can see a remarkable difference just after one treatment of Chakra Mystry – a fresh dewy complexion and a refreshed mind. Thank you for voting ‘Cherie Lee’ for Adonis Best Beauty Blog. Would love if you could vote once each day! :*)

Adonis Beauty Tip: Drink 2 to 3 cups of green tea every morning. Green tea not only neutralises radiation, but also protects and enhances vision.

For more beauty tips on how to protect and care for your skin, do “Like” Adonis Beauty Facebook Page and also, follow my Adonis Beauty journey.

Body Beautiful At Any Age

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Cherie Wellness Volume 1

Boost your health and improve your physical appearance with the right exercise regime. Whatever your age, it’s never too late. The first step to getting a beautiful body is learning how to love it. Accept what you can’t change and what you can. Fret not! You can change a lot! You need to have a goal, start by working towards it and constantly improve. For example, your basic shape. You can’t change your basic shape but you can improve it by working with weights and wearing the right outfits to enhance your body type. For those who are shortchanged vertically, you can appear taller with a good posture. Confidence is key! Standing tall makes one look kilos lighter and years younger.

For the record, I’m not a believer of slimming/diet pills, liposuction, diet tea or any other forms of concoctions to lose weight. I personally feel that it is only a once off thing. What happens after you have lost weight? I wouldn’t want saggy, sallow skin or experience side effects after taking them. Aim for healthy not skinny.

I’m sure you’ve been told exercise stimulates “feel good” endorphins and that naturally puts you into a happy and positive mood. Exercise boosts blood circulation, delivers oxygen and nutrients where you need them most. If you’ve been working out and not seeing changes to your weight, perhaps it’s time to consider personal training. That’s one good reason to get that gym membership!

Recently, I signed up as a member of Aileron Wellness where I experienced workouts like no other at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, a members-only gym situated in the heart of Sentosa.

For those who have been religiously following my tweets @Cherielee01 (please do!) or foursquare, would know that I’ve been visiting Aileron Wellness for about 2 to 3 times a week since 17th of May.

There, I’m led and guided by certified trainers who are equipped with up-to-date training methodologies and furnished with state-of-the-art equipment. I believe that I am one step nearer in achieving my main goal of a toned silhouette in less 6 weeks. My personal trainer created a fitness regime for me, taking into consideration of my lifestyle, fitness goals, metabolic rates, body type and injuries, to give me maximum results in the fastest time.

I. Eat. A. Lot. and I do mean a lot, A LOT. Before I met them, I eat more than 6 full meals a day, snack on something almost every hour and to top it off, food tasting events which require me to consume large amounts of food in one setting. Oh no, I’m not complaining, I’m just telling you what my normal eating habits are and I think I scared the daylights of them when I first told them about it.

Also, I’ve not been exercising for almost 2 years due to an existing injury on my knee and ankles (MediaCorp drama 泳闯琴关 No Limits, doesn’t count as it is only intensive swimming for about 2 months). On a side note, I consume food in moderation. I’m not saying that I eat 6 plates of Char Kway Teow a day or feast on cupcakes every hour. My favorite type of food is Economy Rice or what most people known it as, Cai Fan. I usually have less rice, 1 fish, 2 meat and 2 veggies (includes tofu, eggs and/or green leafy vegetables) in each serving.

Practically nothing much changes after I’ve met them, except for the fact that it is advisable for me to consume only 1700 calories each day according to my height and weight and the given time frame of less than 6 weeks. It varies individually on a case to case basis. Besides, research has also shown that eating less calories a day is one of the best ways to extend life since many of us dig our graves with a knife and fork.

You can also check out your maximum calorie intake by downloading HPB Calorie Tracker if you’re using an iPhone! Before I started training I didn’t really count my calories, but now I do and I realized there isn’t a huge difference to the food I eat except I need to snack way a lot lesser. The best thing now is, I’ve substituted my snacking time with exercising at Aileron Wellness! My trainer alternates my training sessions between resistance and cardio, to tone the silhouette and to burn fats for overall weight loss respectively.

I must say that I can see a difference physically after a few sessions!

For this Chérie Wellness series, I will be posting up pictures of the food I eat (very frequently on twitter) and also, show you the various types of exercises I’ve been doing especially on my best friend and lover, Power Plate®.

Power Plate® machines helps to increase circulation and oxygenate blood flow, leading to a decrease in toxins in the body which causes a reduction in the appearance of cellulite! Yes, cellulite! I’ll tell you more about this genius in a separate post! Make exercising part of your daily life and not something you do when you are free. I’ve learnt the hard way, maybe it’s time for you (lazy bums) too! Like what my personal trainer, Keith says, “the epitome for health and fitness comes from changing your lifestyle and making it a way of life, not an option.

To really burn calories, you will want to get your heart pumping and break a sweat! It is definitely true that you pay to get tortured in a gym but look at it on the bright side, it is only at the beginning. Your body will undergo the various changes and you won’t feel the cramps after proper conditioning. Interested to find out more? Follow my wellness journey on attaining a beautiful body now!

Food for Thought: Keep in mind that a cup of granola can have up to 600 calories. Start your day with a cup of high fiber cereal which has about 120 calories!

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