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What a beautiful dream.

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It’s hard to say good bye… after all, the beginning, is the most beautiful part of that story. That face in the mirror looks at her questioningly. Where did it all go wrong?

She became an infant in a woman’s body, streams of tears started free falling, merging with each other as they trickled down her neck. The wind had an icy feeling to it as she walked off as fast as her legs could take her, away. Away from the place she thought she found happiness. Don’t ask her why it hurt so bad. She didn’t know why either. Or maybe, she did, just that she wasn’t sure till that moment of reality hit upon her.

She sat at her favorite corner of the bed, thinking, as it started to pour outside. Rainwater dripping down the window pane as she scrolled down pages, and pages of exchanged text messages. Those never failed to put a smile on her face but, not now. Not at that moment, maybe never.

She poured out all her emotions without any inhibitions, just like the weather. She loves it when it rains. Once, they shared an umbrella to a nearby hawkerstand. But, not tonight. She peers down into the waters and sees a man and a lady inside. She tries to reach out to touch his face but that man shatters into ripples, so did she. She felt so dispirited. An uncontrollable feeling overwhelmed her. Was that image just an illusion? A shallow reflection on the surface or something more profound?

And now, all she can think of are the good things about him – His personality, the ways he made her laugh and blush, the way he looked at her with his charming eyes and all those little moments they shared – Dinners, grocery shopping, cooking, DVDs, swimming, biking… – and how he used to say “You’re beautiful”.

That sheer magical connection between two people, that moment when they gaze into each other’s eyes. It is only then she realized, what a beautiful dream.


Written by cherielee

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 at 1:44 am

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