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The Brother You Wish You Had

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I’ve always believe that we must conserve the environment not only to save ourselves but also to give meaning to our existence. A small effort goes a long way, what’s even better is that renown Japanese company, Brother makes an effort to prevent further degradation of the earth by collecting back used Brother consumables for recycling, implements various activities in reducing CO₂ emissions and conducts diverse environmental activities in the product lifecycle.

Brother’s products are always at the forefront of technology. Their latest Multi-Function Centres (MFCs) are designed to not only reduce material costs; they are also specially designed to keep hefty electricity bills at bay. For example, the all-rounded competencies of Brother’s full A3 Colour Inkjet MFCs which are able to not only print in jumbo size but also scan, fax and copy in A3, making them the ultimate choice for professionals while saving precious workspace and costs of purchasing numerous machines, with individual ones that multi-task without compromising on the quality. Also, each Brother’s Monochrome Laser MFC is Energy Star approved, with Deep Sleep Mode taking up less than two watts. With lower consumption of cartridges, Brother being the first and only printer manufacturer to achieve the coveted TCO standard (the toughest environmental standard in the world) since 2002, helps you to conserve the environment while keeping expenditures low.

A Brother MFC is a true work-buddy and an environmentalist at heart. It is indeed the best of both worlds. Purchase a brother now – The Brother you wish you had.


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