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Beneath The Stars Bloggers Fundraising Campaign for Japan

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Beneath The Stars (BTS) was incorporated in Singapore by Yang Lay back in July 2006. BTS specializes in handmade designer jewelry and accessories of semi-precious stones set with individually crafted 925 Silver pieces with White Gold plating. Behind each creation is a unique story, inspired by nature. 

*Photo Credits: Calvin 


Being an advocate for helping those in need through numerous charity events such as fundraising for Sichuan earthquake victims “Mercy Relief”, BTS is now back (in conjunction with Singapore Bloggers) to help Japan. Beneath The Stars Bloggers Fundraising Campaign is approved and acknowledged by the Singapore Red Cross Society.

During this period, 1st April 2011 to 30th April 2011, items with price listed on Beneath The Stars are for sale and 50% of all proceeds (excluding postage) will be tabulated and sent to the Singapore Red Cross Society by Cheque.


Mode of Payments

1. Debit/Credit card payment through the website and QUOTE JAPAN TSUNAMI (BLOGS)” in your purchase.

2. Call Yang Lay at +65 9178 6226 or SMS [Item Code e.g. RFT1, your name, payment mode by Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer and QUOTE “JAPAN TSUNAMI (BLOGS)”].

*Arrangements can be made for self-collection and do remember to quote JAPAN TSUNAMI (BLOGS)” in your purchases.


Have you done your part to help Japan? :)



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