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The Grand Opening of OverTime @ Dempsey Hill

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I peered over the cubicles as I signaled to Jade. “Let’s OverTime tonight!”

“What?! We have been OT-ing for the past four days!”, she whined.

“No, no. Let’s OverTime! Quick! Pack up and let’s go for some beer and savory skewers!”

“I thought you wanted to do OT…?!”


OverTime wants to bring an interesting experience of “overtime” where professionals and white collars spend the night enjoying the company of each other instead of burning the midnight oil in the office, bringing a whole new meaning to the term “overtime”. It is no longer just about work but also precious time spent with fellow colleagues and business partners to enjoy pleasure within the ever busy city life.

The grand opening of OverTime @ Dempsey Hill was graced by famous Taiwanese top model and actress, Lin Chi Ling 林志玲.



OverTime takes on a rustic yet contemporary facade, with a touch of cosy lodge setting. Designed with three concepts of ambience, the entertainment outlet features an indoor bar-seating style, a private VIP lounge as well as a garden-inspired, relaxing alfresco area.


Right at the centre of OverTime sits a stage that supports the congregation of Singapore’s home-grown music talents, and is the platform for local music showcase. By combining an inviting atmosphere, good beer, menu variety, parking convenience and a bunch of friendly waiters, OverTime is the perfect place to wind down after a hard day’s of work.

“I don’t mind doing OverTime everyday!” exclaimed Jade.

 “Let’s tell Boss! I’m sure he will be very happy with us wanting to OverTime everyday.”




*Photo Credits: Darren, Vibes, Ying Zi, Yong Wei


(from 23rd December 2010 to 1st January 2011)


Starker Beer

Formulated with German expertise and technology in Malaysia, Starker Beer is freshly brewed and imported to OverTime Singapore from the brewery on a daily basis. OverTime is one of the very few entertainment outlets in Singapore to offer Starker Beer, the Double Gold Medal Winner in the Asia Beer Awards 2010. Brewed for a shelf-life of only 7 days and served straight from the keg, Starker is best consumed at 3°C.

Opening to 7pm buy 1 pint get 1 pint free
7pm to 12am buy 1 pint get a ½ pint free. (Extended happy hour)


33 Fusion Skewer

OverTime’s innovative menu of fusion skewers ranges from western and local, mild to spicy, and even sweet to savory to tease one’s palates.

5pm to 12am
With every purchase of 2 litre Starker beer, you get 2 sets of 2 skewers free!
With every purchase of 5 litre Starker beer, you get 2 sets of 5 skewers free!



Overtime @ Dempsey Hill
18E Dempsey Road, Singapore 249677
Tel: 6472 4388

Overtime @ Holland Village
25 Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277684
Tel: 6465 8368



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