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Cherie Sailing Into The Sunset

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Day 1

0900, 6 Dec 10, Bedok North

I jumped out of bed and scampered around the house in preparation for leaving. Today I am about to embark on the grandest adventure in my life (at least for year 2010, that is). Today I am joining 9 others on a 5 Days 4 Nights Isles of Southeast Asia Cruise to Kuala Lumpur and Phuket on the Royal Caribbean, Legend of The Seas, courtesy of Royal Caribbean International and OMY. Today I am about to be late.

I cursed under my breath as I ran around the house picking up items which I had left out packing over the weekend. “Dadddddy! Send me to HarbourFront! I will be ready in 20 minutes!”



1000, 6 Dec 10, HarbourFront

The silver-grey Kia cruised into the taxi stand. Dad stepped out and strode towards the boot. As soon as he put down my bright orange Royal Caribbean luggage on the road, I snatched it from him, gave him a hug, kissed him good bye and tore off towards the Cruise Centre as quickly as my orange burden would allow me.

“I will be back Friday morning!” My voice carried over my shoulder as I hurried away.



1400, 6 Dec 10, Room 6094

The first thing I noticed when the door swung open was the porthole on the far side. The sea view outside was just a preview of the beautiful panoramic marine scenes I will soon behold in the next few days.

“Yipeeeee!! Welcome to our home for 4 nights!” I giggled as I glanced back at Mui Yee.

“We are going to sleep together!” *chuckles* and gave Mui Yee a sly look as though I’m going to devour her right there and then.

The room was great. It was cosy and homely for two of us. The bed was plush and looked comfy and the bathroom was larger than I had expected. If we wanted to, we could gaze out of the porthole window at the side. The luggage was already in the room, courtesy of our friendly porters who had worked even as we lunched away at Windjammer Café earlier.



1600, 6 Dec 10, Deck 4 Station 10

“Ladies and gentlemen, please gather at your designated Muster Station. Prepare your life jackets.” There was a heavy patter of feet as people moved towards Station 10. I grabbed my life jacket and followed the crowd closely, breathing heavily. Just this morning I was safe and sound on dry land and now, my life is in jeopardy.

With a smile, I blinked the images of danger out of my mind. I wasn’t in danger; in fact I was safe aboard Legend of The Seas where even going for the mandatory emergency drill was an exciting escapade in my mind’s eye.



1700, 6 Dec 10, Various Locations onboard Legend of The Seas

The air on board was tingling with vibrant energy. Everyone seemed to exude a youthful and energetic aura, and this overlaid a certain feeling that was softer, which seemed to portray romance and contentment. This undercurrent of excitement, joy, and pleasure got to me as I wandered about on the deck, exploring to my heart’s content.


Her face was a picture of bliss, tinged with the rosy flush of passion. He was a modern knight, not in shining armour, but a sculpture of strength, charm and love. As he encircled her waist from behind, nuzzling her hair and neck lovingly, she tilted her head back slightly, yearning for his soft lips upon hers. She let her hands touch his strong arms about her waist in a light and dainty fashion. So light, yet proclaiming beyond doubt, that she was his and his only. The sky slowly darkened as evening fell, but they didn’t move from their perch by the railings on the deck. The world passed by, but this moment was theirs.

I stood a distance out, taking in the view on the deck. It was not my nature to partake in other’s private moments, but I couldn’t help but notice them, and the lingering aura of sweet love about them. It was a touching sight to behold. I wished, for a moment, if only I could be like her, sailing away into the sunset with her beloved.


I was moving along the inner hallways, when I caught the tune in the air. Someone was singing! Bemused and intrigued, I followed the pathways of music, and moved closer to the source. The song was up-tempo and carried an energetic beat that drove my heels to skip along to the music and my gait altered to become semi-dance-semi-walk. Before I knew it, I reached the Centrum. Well apparently I was not the only one surrendering to the music. I saw a middle aged man bogey-ing away in a corner, urging his wife (I am assuming she is his wife) to join him. And she did!


As I venture out to the other side of the ship, a youthful giggle caught my attention. A splash of water reached my ears and even as I recognized the sound, I felt droplets of water pattering at my feet. An Asian couple looked up at me sheepishly from the pool even as they signaled their daughter to move further along the pool towards a region where there were less people. I nodded my head slightly and flashed a brilliant smile, or as brilliant as my braces would allow, to acknowledge that it was okay and that they shouldn’t stop having fun on my behalf.

The little girl was looking at me, and gave me an innocent sweet smile, a smile that kids were wont to give – a declaration that she was happy and also a semi-invite to play together. I grinned from ear to ear. She was so cute! I want to pinch her rosy, flushed chubby cheeks!


Evening was here. I sat on the deck as the sun began its inexorable descent towards the horizon. The sky was striated in darkening shades, from deep purple to a soft glowing orange and each moment brought the sky darker. The clouds were rimmed an orange-grey momentarily before they themselves took on a rosy dark pink hue. The sky soon darkened into the indigo twilight sky. I sat there the whole time, mesmerized by the sight.



2000, 6 Dec 10, Romeo & Juliet Restaurant

Our hungry tummies led all 10 of us to congregate at the Romeo & Juliet Restaurant. Many of us came in on the back of a first round of dinner at Windjammer Café where we had attacked the buffet line with relish but left sufficient space for the pleasures promised by the Romeo & Juliet Restaurant.

I was in a world of my own, enjoying the treasure trove of food placed on my table.



2200, 6 Dec 10, That’s Entertainment Theater

A well-built guy stepped up to the stage. He had hair cropped closely to his head, and a beard of similar length adorning his masculine jaw structure.

David Dimuzio wasted no time in getting the crowd up on their feet. He was a juggler of unparalleled expertise. Starting the show with 3 balls, he frantically upped the ante by adding ball after ball, reaching a grand total of 7 even as the lights went off.

He switched through styles and changed the motion of his ludicrously luminous balls through various intricate cycles. I could only see swathes of color at this time, as he pitched ball after ball into the air, orchestrating them into a dance of light.

The lights came on. David retired his balls and retrieved his new apparatus with a flourish. This time, he declared that he was going to show us his art with knives. The glint of shiny metal sent shivers down my spine. Somehow, despite his prowess at juggling, I still felt uneasy that I was in the same room with a person flipping knives for entertainment’s sake.

David beckoned for a volunteer up on stage and he was soon joined by a middle-aged man. The volunteer moved around with as if on tenterhooks. He didn’t look too comfortable sharing the same stage as David. He looked decidedly worse when David almost got a piece of meat off him whilst trying to impress the audience that his knives had a sharp edge. I found it refreshingly comical from the safety of my seat, further at the back of the theater.

It was then David found himself a unicycle and promptly rode it with the poise of a circus performer. At his behest, the volunteer passed David his knives before scurrying away to safety. The crowd was holding its breath – a sense of expectation filled the atmosphere. The first knife went into the air. It was followed swiftly by 2 others. The crowd was excited and craving for more. David flipped his knives incessantly in myriad patterns, slicing the air without restraint, all the while smiling at us, his adoring fans.

The crowd went wild. I gulped, heart in mouth, as I witnessed the breathtaking show of dexterity with my bare eyeballs. My awe soon transformed to an unreserved show of support as I clapped and cheered loudly as any other.

He reminded me slightly of David Beckham, and also partly of Jason Statham. Obviously, his talents were a mix of both, being skilled at controlling both balls and knives (remember Jason Statham and his knife throwing feats in The Expendables alongside Sylvester Stallone and Stone Cold Steve Austin?)

David had more than just magical hand-eye coordination.

Right after setting down his knives, David whipped out a guitar and under the play of the colorful stage lights, started crooning in Mandarin. That really raised my eyebrows. I was in full admiration for this amazing guy. A lilting and slightly accented “月亮代表我的心” followed by his superb rendition of “童话”. *mesmerized* It was perfect in my heart nonetheless.

After his performance, I slinked away from my seat, leaving the other bloggers behind as I sought David out. I wanted a picture of this wonderfully talented guy.

“Hi David, can I take a picture with you?” My heart was fluttering as I smiled shyly at David. Without waiting for his reply, I moved beside him and the cameras went wild.

I was teleported to dreamland which explains the half asleep face. “You were really impressive on stage. I really loved the way you sang “童话“.

“Thank you. Anyway, that’s a cute dress you have on. Suits you. Nice.” David replied, a flirtatious hint in his voice.



0300, 7 Dec 10, Room 6094

The day winded down and both Mui Yee and I returned to our room. The first day on board Legend of The Seas was a blast. We prepared quickly for bed, wondering what tomorrow would bring. I fell asleep to the tune of “童话” incessantly replaying itself in my head.

Sweet Dreams Cherie.



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