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Wonder Chef 我要当食神 PK 版

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Remember my Tofumisu and “You & Me”? ♥

I’ll be appearing on WONDER CHEF 我要当食神 PK 版 as Season 1‘s Champion. Mark your calendars and see how I transform Tofu into another delicacy!!

I’m on Episode 3 Tofu ~ 23rd November 2010 8pm Channel U (^_^)



About “Wonder Chef 我要当食神 1 & 2

在 Wonder Chef 我要当食神 (系列1) 的节目里, 72位参赛者根据个别的主题食材,分享了他们的创意或家传食谱。我们见证了12名食神的诞生,12名食神通过了《我要当食神》节目顺利归位。

在 Wonder Chef 我要当食神 PK 版 (系列2) 的节目里,16位参赛者和8位艺人将会来踢馆,挑战上个系列的8位食神,食神荣衔会否重新洗牌呢?

In each episode of Wonder Chef 我要当食神 (Season 1), 6 contestants will compete on their creativity and culinary skills based on the food theme of the week. After the first round of cooking, 2 contestants will be selected for the final showdown. The winner of the showdown will be crowned Wonder Chef of the episode. Total of 12 Wonder Chefs will emerge from this cooking series.

In Wonder Chef 我要当食神 The Grand PK (Season 2), the entire nation is invited to come forward and PK the reigning Wonder Chef from Season 1 (which is Yours Truly). In each episode, 3 new contestants (1 of which will be a celebrity) will challenge each other for a chance to PK Season 1’s Wonder Chef. This will be judged by professionals based on taste, originality and appearance. The contestant with the highest score wins.


Will I be able to maintain my championship status?

Remember to mark your calendars!! Episode 3 Tofu ~ 23rd Nov 2010, Tuesday, 8pm Channel U



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  1. Hiya Cherie,

    Just met you on twitter :)

    Wow! Congrats on appearing on TV



    Wednesday, November 24, 2010 at 1:13 am

  2. […] look back into the room and gazed at Daddy, snoozing gently in his bed with Wonder Chef switched on in the background and I smiled from deep within my heart. Thank you Legend of The Seas. […]

  3. Hi Edmund, thank you for dropping by! Nice post on the Royal Caribbean and very very lovely kids you have daddy blogger!! :)


    Monday, November 29, 2010 at 3:49 pm

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