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ReadySet Glo 3rd Anniversary with Major Lazer at Zouk

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With 3 years of riotous Indie Disco/Electronica parties fronted by fervent dance heads, visual fans and self-expressionists who kill the dancefloor, Readyset Glo sets to take on an edgier hedonic persona celebrating self indulgence and alternative bold opinions. Fittingly Major Lazer, aka Jamaican chimera with a Socialist attitude to riotous parties, debuts for this anniversary romp, along with uber-producers & label owners, Diplo (Mad Decent) and Switch (Dubsided). With the 2009 release of “Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers Do”, reaching the far ends of the universe, infecting all with an unforeseen, unstoppable force, Major Lazer’s staked an undeniable claim for dancefloor wickedness!



Lucky me, I won tickets (thank you TopShop) to ReadySet Glo 3rd Anniversary with Major Lazer at Zouk on 26th June 2010, which also marks the very FIRST time I’ve stepped into this place :) Somehow, World Cup 2010 caught my attention instead. If I remembered correctly, it was United States and Ghana.



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