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CAUSEPLAY: “Youths Today, Leaders Tomorrow”

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*my final submission for *SCAPE New Media Ambassador Quest



Shift perceptions of youth by combating alienation through creating a global movement of brave new voices and to inspire youths to reach their divine potential.


“Youths Today, Leaders Tomorrow” empowers the next generation of youths to discover their inner potential by breaking out of their boundaries and nurturing them to be leaders through social entrepreneurship using new media activities.



As part of a core group of counselors supporting a community of youths at risks, my life centers around the hardship and difficulties that youth face on a day-to-day basis. Many of them go home daily facing broken homes, harboring depressive thoughts about the aimlessness of their lives. Some seek solace with friends, some take to other means and some just have no idea how to handle themselves.

Deprived of opportunities for genuine productivity, lured into consumptive roles, young people come to believe that their lives make little difference to the world. But yet at heart I know that each and every one of them has an innate value to society that hidden within them is a fire to succeed, and to give back, just that at this moment in their lives, it lays suppressed, unable to shine. I want to help them explore different opportunities and meaningful differences, conditioning them into brilliant gems such that they, the youths of today, will be the leaders of our nation tomorrow.

My cause will bring out the best in them to become a catalyst of positive change individually and also, make an impact in their communities. Youths are offered new opportunities to experience heretofore unknown facets of life. They will learn more about themselves and grow from successes and failures. I want to push the boundaries of discovery by challenging them, inspiring them and instilling them a sense of wonder about the ongoing around them. I want the youths to grow up in a society with no limits on their dreams and to develop into compassionate and committed adults. I want them to take ownership of the things they do. I want every youth to have the same chances to learn and grow. I want to make a difference in their lives and by motivating them to grab life in their hands and to live their dreams.



Winning the recent “Wonder Chef” 我要当食神, helped open many doors to pursue my talent in the culinary arts. I would like to latch on this platform and collaborate with celebrity chefs to publish my second culinary book and also begin a social enterprise with young people at heart.


Culinary Book 

Following the success of my first publication solely based on the purpose for charity, I am going to create another breakthrough with my second culinary book, this time with an added twist – Innovation. I would like to collaborate with celebrity chefs and local cafés and invite their contribution to this culinary book specifically dedicated to help fund youth development projects (Café with a Purpose). It may be a slim volume running less than 50 pages and cost less than $35 but this yet-to-be-titled Culinary Book comes with a serious message and buying a copy could genuinely help improve somebody’s life. The book will feature at least 30 delicious innovative recipes lovingly contributed by celebrity chefs and local cafés. This could just be one of the tastiest and most enjoyable way of supporting youth development.


Social Enterprise 

I would like to start a social enterprise involving youths. Café with a Purpose – The purpose is the empowerment of young people who need a chance to establish their place in the world and also for customers who patronize enjoy fantastic food with knowledgeable and excellent customer service.

The youths will have significant roles as participants and leaders in assuming ownership of this café. Leadership is an amalgamation of many different vital skill sets such as involving communicating, delegating, recognizing and empowering. The establishment of this Café with a Purpose is for youths to learn within the actual work environment and from experts that they will work with and be inspired by. The youths will be equipped with problem analysis and solving skills, a desire to work as a team, social skills, patience, commitment, diplomacy and leadership qualities in the course of work. Their levels of responsibility will gradually increase with the skill that they acquire through this direct hands-on approach in the operations of a business in a real-life situation. Each youth will be appointed a unique role (e.g. Commis) and a mentor (e.g. Chef de partie) to guide them in the station’s responsibilities and operations.

Youths set goals and celebrate accomplishments which in turn help to boost their confidence and belief that they can achieve anything they want in their lives despite the setbacks they might have experienced, breaking out of their boundaries. This might kick start an entrepreneurial spirit in these youths as they discover and practice their interests and skills, test their independence and take control of their lives to be leaders of our nation tomorrow, living their dreams with no limits.


*my final submission for *SCAPE New Media Ambassador Quest


Best Regards

Cherie Lee



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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Teo Sze Cheng, Cherie Lee. Cherie Lee said: [Blog] http://ht.ly/1MU02 ✿ My final submission for *SCAPE New Media Ambassador Quest ✿ 2 New Media Ambassadors will be crowned on 20th June […]

  2. Cherie, u r enterprising. Is this “*SCAPE New Media Ambassador Quest” like a biz plan competition? When will the results be announced?


    Monday, June 7, 2010 at 11:51 pm

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