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Lying is part of The Job

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She is a super agent – smart, beautiful and calm under pressure. Soo-Ji is not your typical girl. Or at least she tries hard to be one. While frustrated with men, she coincidentally runs into her ex-boyfriend who had left her.

He is a bumbling rookie agent – who tries way too hard to impress. Jae-Joon takes on his first job as an agent. But things aren’t that easy. He goofs up on every task, getting yelled at by his superiors and comrades. Nothing goes well for him.

Lying is part of their job and secrecy is the name of the game.

My Girlfriend Is An Agent 

Soo-Ji and Jae-Joon are also college sweethearts who have broken up due to Jae-Joon’s inability to put up with Soo-Ji’s frequent lies. Unbeknownst to each other, both of them work for different spy departments within the South Korean Intelligence Agency. Their paths cross when a Russian Organized Crime Group sets out to steal an advance chemical weapon from Korea.

“My Girlfriend Is An Agent” is clearly a Korean take on Hollywood’s action film “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” with an added dose of comedy. Remember the first time you sat down and fell in love with a Korean comedy? Well, you’re going to have that same feeling all over again when you watch this movie :)



2 Responses

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  1. I liked reading ur posts n ur twitter:)


    Sunday, November 8, 2009 at 6:17 pm

  2. Thank you LIPING :) Nice having you here!


    Sunday, November 8, 2009 at 11:49 pm

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