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Teachers are a rare breed. Teaching is a passion. Who else could spend all day in front of a group of people who would rather be elsewhere and have no trouble showing it? Most of them are dedicated to their students and are doing this job for the satisfaction it gives them, not for financial gain, fame or glory. Most sincerely love to teach and want to help people, to mould them into better students for the better world.

Entrepreneurship and Business Creation module has finally come to a finale and I hope that everyone will walk away with good knowledge and valuable learning lessons, especially writing good business plans. Looking back, time passes by really fast. One semester ago, I was a student in EBC and now, one semester after, a Teaching Assistant for EBC.

Prof Yoo sang a song from the local drama series 《小娘惹》 The Little Nyonya (in Chinese! – he is Korean by the way) and danced to Wonder Girls “Nobody”. Hope you enjoy the video (^_^) this song is damn catchy!

It was great to see Prof Yoo put in so much effort to practice for his performance and also, gave us a wonderful parting gift. Thank you you to our dearest Prof Yoo for your dedication and commitment to the students. It is to SMU and the students’ greatest loss that you are leaving us, but I strongly believe that your entrepreneurial spirits will always stay with us. I really enjoyed my time and learned a lot as a Teaching Assistant under your guidance. For everything you did, “Thank You” Prof Yoo for the wonderful memories. It was you who believed in me and gave me this chance.

Prof Yoo & TAs

“You were, are and will always be my TAs. Remember, you are special!” ~ Prof Yoo

When is the last time we said thank you to our teachers? Better do it before it is too late :)


Written by cherielee

Saturday, April 11, 2009 at 10:31 am

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