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Winning isn’t everything, the effort to win is.

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This is a very delayed post. However, I need to thank each and everyone who made this possible and I am very grateful to those who gave me that extra push to where I am today. I participated in 2 back-to-back pageants over a period of 5 months – Miss Singapore International, followed by Miss Singapore World. I’ll blog about Miss Singapore World on a later date. This post is dedicated to you guys who made a difference in my journey for Miss Singapore International 2011 :)

I believe that to be able to represent Miss Singapore International, each and every contestant must have compassion and that encompasses having a heart of gold coupled with a burning desire to serve society. The Queen will serve as Goodwill Ambassadors of Beauty showing tenderness, benevolence, friendship, understanding, beauty and intelligence coupled with the ability to take action and have great international sensibility. The theme of Miss Singapore International is “Beauty with a Purpose”. Do you have what it takes to be crowned? I’m very proud of my dearest friend, Stella, Miss Singapore International 2011, who recently got back from China representing Singapore. As for me? I’m really honored to be crowned Miss Singapore International 2011 2nd Runner-up and the prestigious Miss Body Beautiful title.

The finals of Miss Singapore International 2011, organized by Singapore Women’s Association, was held on 2nd July 2011 (Saturday) at Raffles Town Club. I was so excited for this day that I couldn’t sleep the night before! Also, there’s a special person I would like to thank, Genecia Luo, Miss Singapore International 2006, who took me under her wing. Not only was she running a high fever that night, she came by Raffles Town Club at 3am in the morning to see me practice. Most importantly, she believed in me and affirmed my mindset which helped to unleash my innate potential and charisma, boosting my stage presence.

I have always wanted to be a Beauty Queen, for just one reason – To be able to use my status as a platform to influence and affect the masses for my cause, representing Singapore, being a role model. There are many people in this world each with different lives to lead, however many of them do not have the luck to live one full of joy and with the best of health. I find that there is a place for them in my heart and I feel that I can do more to make a positive impact on their lives. Winning isn’t everything, the effort to win is. I know in your hearts, I am already a winner that night and I believe it’s 99% hard work and 1% luck. Thank you everyone for believing in me and supporting me throughout this journey. You know who you are :)

Winning this title opened many doors for me. Besides being recognized when I’m out, I get called up for interviews and special guest appearances on various media platforms ranging from online journalism to newspapers to magazines to television to radio. One of the most memorable appearances was on 早安您好! Good Morning, Singapore! where I had the chance to be on the NEWS to share my fitness regime and diet plan with the audience as a Beauty Queen and Miss Body Beautiful – a title which I’ve worked very hard for. This appearance was made possible by Genecia who was kindly introduced to me by Keith Tan from Aileron Wellness. Keith was the brains behind my body. He whipped me up in shape with a carefully thought fitness regime within a short 5 week frame.

Thank you each and everyone of you, who supported me in a way or another, physically or emotionally. It really warms my heart to see the people I love standing by me, screaming for me. *kisses* After 2 months of bonding, the pageant has come to an end. I miss you girls. Badly. And I definitely miss the times we helped to spam glitter on each other. This journey I embarked on has taught me many new things. We also learned to share and grow together as a team not an individual. Offering a helping hand through times of need, being there for each other and cheering on for one and another. Friendship with the girls is something I really treasure out of this pageant. I love you girls! Meet up soon :)

Lots of Love

Cherie Lee, Contestant No. 8

A Sail Out on the Mighty Duke

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The weather didn’t look too good that morning.. Took a cab down to Crocs at VivoCity.

What could be more relaxing than standing by the clear blue sea, enjoying refreshing bottles of sky juice and delicious cuppie cakes – whatever the weather, a cruise will bring happy memories to treasure with lovely friends.

Left to Right: Cherie, Holly

Left to Right: Bianca, Holly, Cherie, Beatrice, Ethan, Selene. Thank you Holly for the tag on FB :)

Left to Right: Selene, Cherie, Beatrice. Thank you Beatrice for bringing those yummylicious cupcakes!

I had the privilege to be invited by the-so-not-humsup-but-think-he-is-very-humsup Smith onboard this mighty Duke – currently docked at ONE°15 Marina Club at Sentosa Cove – he just arrived in Singapore waters from HongKong. Nothing beats a calm stroll with your loved one, hand in hand, at sunset, on the beautiful pier.. till next time, I’ll see you in HongKong… :)

Wind and tide permitting, we encircled Singapore Island bypassing a few other neighboring islands before docking…

Clockwise: Ethan, Beatrice, Cherie, Bianca, Holly, Calvin, Smith and Selene onboard the mighty Duke by Crocs.

and guess what…! When I was about to leave the yacht, the skin at the ball of my right foot was ripped apart by I-don’t-know-what and the wound bled non-stop for a good 3 hours.

Calvin was the sweetest. He lent me his slippers and accompanied me to get a pair of flats before heading home. Thank you so much Calvin for being there with me and also for snapping me in my pretty pink Crocs!

Thank you Crocs for these lovely non-marking shoes, Captain Joe and Richard for ensuring our safety and fun throughout the trip, Hot mama Kaye and the very sweet Yeng Yeng!

Also, I’m in another pageant – Shokubutsu iWeekly Natural Beauty Contest – Thank you everyone who ‘invested’ in me by voting for the past two weeks. I really appreciate it :)

Do come down and support me (Contestant 18) for the finals at Bugis Junction (fountain) on 19th November 4.30pm – 6pm! ‘LIKE’ my video here :)

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早安您好! Good Morning, Singapore!

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Left to Right: Youyi, Cherie, Shuyuan

In the segment《城事大家说》, we discussed about health, diet and nutrition of a beauty queen. I’ve uploaded it on YouTube just for you guys! Waking at up 4.30am to prepare to go on set is… quite good ;) Hope there will be more opportunities like this!

Daddy’s Little Girl

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The New Paper, Friday September 9 2011

One of my favorite segments – I worked hard for that body and I’m sure I did myself and my trainers proud :)

Miss Singapore World 2011 Coronation Night, Thursday September 8 2011

I’ll be appearing on Good Morning, Singapore! 《早安您好》on Channel 8, Friday 30th September 2011 (TOMORROW) at about 730am. Don’t forget our date!

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Thursday, September 29, 2011 at 1:18 pm

What a beautiful dream.

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It’s hard to say good bye… after all, the beginning, is the most beautiful part of that story. That face in the mirror looks at her questioningly. Where did it all go wrong?

She became an infant in a woman’s body, streams of tears started free falling, merging with each other as they trickled down her neck. The wind had an icy feeling to it as she walked off as fast as her legs could take her, away. Away from the place she thought she found happiness. Don’t ask her why it hurt so bad. She didn’t know why either. Or maybe, she did, just that she wasn’t sure till that moment of reality hit upon her.

She sat at her favorite corner of the bed, thinking, as it started to pour outside. Rainwater dripping down the window pane as she scrolled down pages, and pages of exchanged text messages. Those never failed to put a smile on her face but, not now. Not at that moment, maybe never.

She poured out all her emotions without any inhibitions, just like the weather. She loves it when it rains. Once, they shared an umbrella to a nearby hawkerstand. But, not tonight. She peers down into the waters and sees a man and a lady inside. She tries to reach out to touch his face but that man shatters into ripples, so did she. She felt so dispirited. An uncontrollable feeling overwhelmed her. Was that image just an illusion? A shallow reflection on the surface or something more profound?

And now, all she can think of are the good things about him – His personality, the ways he made her laugh and blush, the way he looked at her with his charming eyes and all those little moments they shared – Dinners, grocery shopping, cooking, DVDs, swimming, biking… – and how he used to say “You’re beautiful”.

That sheer magical connection between two people, that moment when they gaze into each other’s eyes. It is only then she realized, what a beautiful dream.

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That moment.

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a dim light falls down on her

the air is still and suffocating

shrinking its dimensions down to those of a coffin

she heard a dialogue inside her body

but she couldn’t define what it was

what is wrong with her?

what is going on?

she did not understand this feeling today

the sour aftertaste that follows

she is overwhelmed

it took her awhile before she bares her soul

something seems to be burning inside, like an inferno

something has awoken that is beyond control, beyond that of the heart

just a few days ago

she was feeling so euphoric for no obvious reason

but today, it seems she had burnt herself out

time took a standstill when she discovered the moment of truth

it seems as though someone had pushed the standby button on the remote control

everything went blank

the emotion was bitter but it took a turn after a conversation

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011 at 4:00 am

Behind the Scenes: McDonald’s Big N’ Tasty and Cheese Shaker Fries Commercial

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How much work goes into shooting a McDonald’s commercial? A LOT. Many people don’t realize what goes on behind the scenes to create a great video or in this case, a commercial – the investment of time, people and gear. This 30-second television commercial was filmed at various locations around Singapore for almost an entire day! Talk about professionalism, dedication and hard work from both production crew and actors under such weather conditions.

Traffic police were hired to facilitate the movement of the traffic at situations like this and ongoing cars need to stop specially for me! It’s definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity in Singapore where impatient people like to honk at others for god-knows-what-reason.

The actors took instructions from the director and went with the flow. We couldn’t see the different takes during the filming process but it was cool because it actually turned out pretty great. My role was quite simple – to look hot and distract the guys in the car. It might seem really easy to many others but… try looking ‘hot’ under the hot weather and catwalk down the slope in 5-inch heels! Filming at this location took about 3 hours starting from about 12 noon and it’s a blessing to have very little makeup on.

The guys really took great care of me and it’s a pleasure working with all of them.  In case you are wondering what we had for lunch that day… It’s not McDonald’s haha Enjoy my very first television commercial! It’s feeding time bros – Official McDonald’s Big N’ Tasty and Cheese Shaker Fries commercial ;)

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